How Deep is your Love? Training

Your company’s future depends on the way you stand out from your competitors when a customer does business with you. If I had a pound for every time someone said to me that customers buy on price I would become known as the £1 lady! If customers always bought on price we would all be driving the same cars, eating the same food and wearing the same types of clothes.
What happens if you feel price is an issue?
Nowadays it is even easier for customers to find the specific product you are selling and browse the web to see if it is cheaper somewhere else. You can actively use this to your advantage … by having employees wander around your store with ipads, showing customers who are querying the price and then demonstrating the level of customer service and after service available at your store, you can keep them as a customer.
Who lets you down with customer service?
Have you got companies that you will NEVER ever do business with, because of their customer service, no matter how cheap the product? I know I have! Don’t let your company turn into one of those companies.
Most of my articles are around customer service as I feel so strongly that this is the one area in a business that causes the downfall of businesses that have great products and services. When I was a marketing manager I was told that I was the most customer focussed person in the business (and it was true) not bad for a marketing person, especially when there was a customer service manager in the business!

Do you secret shop your own company? What happens when a customer rings you up? Messages you through your social media pages? What would you do different if you thought your business was being filmed for a TV programme?
If these questions have got you thinking, let’s talk about how customer service training would help your business grow and also build a happy team.

Competitor Research

Many businesses already ‘shop their competitors’ however just as you know when one of your competitors is ringing you to check what you’re up to … the same inevitably happens when you ring them. This is where using my competitor research service can really help.

Do you spend time looking at your competitors?
I will call your competitors anonymously and ask questions that you won’t be able to. Why can’t you? You will ask questions using words that a customer wouldn’t use, without even realising it. 

Using this service I will find you things you wouldn’t. I once found out all about how a company couldn’t offer a guarantee that my client did, because of the way they were working. This bit of information totally changed how my client marketed their business and how they structured their prices.

Looking to expand?
If you’re looking to expand your business into a new area or offer new services it can be extremely worthwhile checking out what your competitors are doing. 

Using Customer Love’s competitor research service you will get a better idea of how to price yourself against competitors, what their customer enquiry response times are like, how your online presence compares, what prices include, service levels, etc. 

Many companies have a website and don’t even check it is all working. One company I did research for were amazed at how their website compared to competitors.

Customer Research

How often do you speak with your customers?
Many businesses sell a product or service to their customers and then leave them alone. Is this you or are you following up with your customers?

If you are following up, what do you do with the information you gather from customer surveys/feedback requests?

Many companies I work with have files of surveys that are sat on a shelf gathering dust. They collect the feedback, read it and then put it to one side. Customer feedback can be a potential goldmine for you and your business. One company I worked with brought in an extra £47,000 of sales by listening and acting on customer feedback.

Occasionally you may get negative feedback, don’t get indignant. I love negative feedback in a business as it really helps shape the future, and more often than not those customers who complain can turn into your biggest fans.
How would you like your customers to describe your company?
“I think this is the best service I have ever come across … the team seems to know exactly what customers want”

The quote above came from a customer of a company I worked with

And here’s what the company had to say about me

“This quote (the one above) came from a customer and I think it is purely due to your drive, persistence and commitment to finding out what customers want”.

Find out how Customer Love can help you grow your business with customer research.

Website Analysis

Before you undertake a new website, engage me to carry out a website analysis report on your existing website. 

You can spend a fortune on having the most beautiful looking website created, but if the user experience is lacking you are wasting a stack of money.

Your website analysis report not only gives you feedback on your own website, but also includes research on your competitors.

Why use this service? Having been involved in the website overhaul for a mail order company where I took sales over the internet up to £1.47million and decreased the bounce rate and advised on a dedicated mobile site (as opposed to a responsive designed website).

I have a feel for what works in the customer experience. I am NOT a website designer or a techie I am focusing on the customer journey.

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